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30 Sep 15
Calves from Derrileen Northern Rambler now on the ground at Braidwood, NSW

Cattle Breeding
The aim of Peppervale Red Polls is to breed functional and efficient beef cattle with superior carcass quality. Peppervale cattle are bred in Queensland conditions to be capable of flourishing in the climate of Northern Australia.

A significant portion of Peppervale consists of native Australian bushland. To be able to thrive in these conditions, the cattle must be highly efficient, gregarious animals capable of consuming and digesting the less palatable or nutritious of native grasses; very much like a significant portion of grazing country in Northern Australia. Steers are regularly finished directly off the paddock for private consumption, thereby ensuring that meat quality continues to improve at Peppervale.

Red Polls offer a great deal of benefit in a cross-breeding operation. Heifers kept out of a first cross will improve a herds maternal attributes such as fertility, mothering and milk. Cross-bred steers offer an improved carcass. Due to the shape of the Red Poll animal, there is often more of the higher quality cuts of beef.

The hybrid vigour gained from a Red Poll cross provides an additional benefit to the cattleman. Red Polls are substantially dissimilar in genetics to 99% of the Australian herd ensuring that the maximum possible vigour is obtained from a single cross. See Red Poll x Brahman calves on the cattle photos page.
Cattle Breeding
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