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30 Sep 15
Calves from Derrileen Northern Rambler now on the ground at Braidwood, NSW

Welcome to Peppervale
Peppervale is a cattle property located at Palmtree on the Great Dividing Range, forty minutes north of Toowoomba, Queensland. The views from Palmtree are quite spectacular. The area is surrounded by tall eucalypt forest and sits on the eastern side of the escarpment.

In addition to our Queensland property, we have been grazing our stud cattle at Braidwood, New South Wales where we expect to operate until at least the end of 2018 before returning to Queensland.

Peppervale is also home to
Peppervale Red Polls. These hardy, fertile and efficient cattle produce a prime carcass for the meat industry, a fact proven in recent paddock and feedlot trials. Red Poll cattle offer significant advantages in any cross-breeding operation and the quality of Red Poll cross-bred steers demands a premium from the market.

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